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Chief: "Leadside may be confined to a wheelchair, but he's extremely fast. He handles that wheelchair like he would a sports car."
Max: "Oh. That must account for the racing stripe down the back of the chair."

Get Smart Episode #109, Season Four #23.


Leadside, a wheelchair-bound criminal genius, has just pulled off a $20 million art heist when Maxwell Smart tries to arrest him. Infuriated that Smart's "cunning stupidity" has been ruining his plans for the past ten years, Leadside vows revenge in three phases: he will escape, he will destroy CONTROL and then he will kill Agent 86. Due to Smart's clumsiness, Leadside does escape; and he does destroy CONTROL (by destroying CONTROL's computer brain "ARDVARC)! Now all that is left is for Leadside to kill Smart - will he succeed?





Weapons and Gadgets[]



  • When Leadside remarks that now he'll spend the rest of his life surrounded by a $20 million art collection, Smart replies that Leadside will be surrounded by a $20 million penitentiary!
  • While Leadside and his assistants Norman and Kelley are making their escape in their new van ("You can't hang a collection like this in a garbage truck.") he remarks that, since all three of them are together in the back -- who is driving the van? That question is never answered!
  • ARDVARC apparently has a crush on the cigarette machine!
  • The ARDVARC display is an old Dumont 304 Oscillograph (Oscilloscope) - if you look closely you can see the DuMont logo below the round screen. Dumont made high-end test equipment in the 1940's and was basically put out of business by Tektronix in the 1960s, who made higher functionality scopes. So this was the perfect prop to use for ARDVARC!

Reality Check[]

This episode is a parody of the TV series Ironside starring Raymond Burr as wheelchair-bound Chief of Detectives Robert Ironside.