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The following is a list of CONTROL agents in the original continuity (including both the original series and the 1995 revival).

For the agents in the 2008 reboot continuity, see List of CONTROL Agents (2008).
For the agents in The Nude Bomb, see List of PITS Agents.

# name actor first appearance notes
0 unknown McNally Sagal/Tony Longo/Connie Sawyer/Robert Goulet/Ellia English/Irwin Keyes "GS95 Pilot" Specializes in disguise.
2 unknown "The Spy Who Met Himself" Mentioned only
3 Aldrich "The Worst Best Man" Mentioned only
4 Herb Gaffer Vaughn Taylor "Dear Diary" Retired. Max's idol.
8 unknown Burt Mustin "Dear Diary" Retired. The Chief's best friend.
8 1/2 unknown Gino Conforti "Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend" Hidden in ball-return shute at bowling alley.
9 unknown Gabrielle Boni "Passenger 99 Nine-year-old girl.
11 Agnes Davenport Ellen Corby "Dear Diary Retired security agent.
12 unknown uncredited Our Man in Toyland Disguised as Santa Claus.
13 unknown David Ketchum "The Only Way to Die Hidden in mailbox.
14 "Tiger" Schlermer Ron Masak "The Worst Best Man" Boxer. Called 107 by Max. Called 14 by 99.
17 unknown "KAOS in CONTROL" Disguised as organ-grinder's monkey.
18 Simpson "The Worst Best Man" Max's first choice for best man (mentioned only).
21 unknown "The Little Black Book, Part 2" Divorce lawyer (mentioned only).
22 unknown "Bronzefinger" Mentioned only.
24 Huffiger? Marc London "The Mummy" Kidnapped from museum.
25 unknown uncredited "Our Man in Toyland" Poses as department store dummy.
26 Unknown uncredited "The Man from YENTA" Poses as hotel maid.
27 unknown uncredited "Island of the Darned" Killed by Hans Hunter.
28 unknown "The Little Black Book, Part 2" Mentioned only.
32 unknown uncredited "The Mysterious Dr. T"
34 unknown uncredited "Mr. Big" Hides in airport locker.
37 unknown Byron Morrow "The Spirit is Willing
38 unknown Del Moore "The Spy Who Met Himself" Courier.
38 Harry "Kitty" Karvelas Karen Arthur "The Worst Best Man" Cover: chorus girl.
39 unknown "Casablanca" Oriental houseboy (mentioned only).
42 unknown Martin Ashe "When Good Fellows Get Together
43 unknown Monroe Arnold "Washington 4, Indians 3"
44 unknown Victor French/Al Molinaro "Aboard the Orient Express"
46 unknown Clive Wayne "The Dead Spy Scrawls"
47 unknown Pat McCaffrig "Strike While the Agent is Hot"
49 unknown Lavelle Roby "A Tale of Two Tails"
51 unknown Gordon Jump (uncredited) "The Greatest Spy on Earth" Killed while wearing a gorilla costume.
52 unknown Don Ross "Weekend Vampire"
54 unknown Robert Patten "Bronzefinger" Killed on his birthday.
56 unknown Harvey Gardner "The Amazing Harry Hoo"
57 unknown "Mr. Big" In Hong Kong. Mentioned only.
58 unknown Norman Burton (uncredited) "The Decoy" Has four children.
59 unknown "The Whole Tooth and..." Mentioned only.
63 Joe Froebus Craig Huebing "Someone Down Here Hates Me"
66 unknown Elaine Hendrix "GS95 Pilot" Partnered with Zach Smart.
72 Sam "Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
73 unknown Logan Field "I'm Only Human"
74 unknown Marc London "How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying" Killed.
77 unknown uncredited "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho Killed.
77 Chuck Armstrong ("Chucko") Charles Bateman "The Apes of Rath" Ape, altered to look human.
81 unknown Dave Cameron The Last One in is a Rotten Spy
82 unknown "Strike While the Agent is Hot" Hidden in piano.
84 unknown "Aboard the Orient Express" Mentioned only. Killed
85 unknown "Aboard the Orient Express" Mentioned only. Killed
86 Maxwell Smart Don Adams "Mr. Big" Married to Agent 99. Father of Zach Smart.
91 unknown Bruce Gibson "Back to the Old Drawing Board"
93 unknown uncredited "Kiss of Death"
95 unknown "The Expendable Agent" Mentioned only
98 Snyder "The Worst Best Man" Killed
99 unknown Barbara Feldon "Mr. Big" Married to Maxwell Smart. Mother of Zach Smart.
198 Lundy Fred Willard "A Tale of Two Tails" Rookie agent.
199 Caruso Vic Grecco "A Tale of Two Tails" Rookie agent.
K-13 Fang Red "Mr. Big" Dog.
Q Thaddeus Edward Platt "Mr. Big" Chief of CONTROL.
?? Ashkenazi Marc London "A Man Called Smart, Part 1"
?? Balzac "A Man Called Smart, Part 1" Mentioned only
?? Bannister uncredited "The Worst Best Man Referred to as "CONTROL's top agent" in "Schwartz's Island".
?? Busby Ward Wood "Closely Watched Planes" Courier. Killed.
?? Collins uncredited "Appointment in Sahara" Agent in Algiers. Killed.
?? Crilleader Frank Jamus "A Man Called Smart, Part 1"
?? Esperanza Poupée Bocar "Tequila Mockingbird" Agent in Mexico. Killed.
?? Finch Hal Huber "The Worst Best Man" Killed.
Admiral Harold Hargrade William Schallert "A Man Called Smart, Part 2" First Chief of CONTROL, retired in 1946.
Hymie Dick Gautier "Back to the Old Drawing Board" Robot built by KAOS, but turned by Max.
?? Karvelas "The Reluctant Redhead"
Larabee Robert Karvelas "Ship of Spies, Part 1" Assistant to the Chief of CONTROL.
?? Nicholson Al Travis "The Treasure of C. Errol Madre"
?? Novak Hal De Windt "The Worst Best Man" Killed.
?? Prewitt Bill Bradley "The Worst Best Man" Killed.
?? Rosencrantz Noam Pitlik "The Reluctant Redhead" Codename: Bodecker. Killed.
?? Zach Smart Andy Dick "And Baby Makes Four: Part 2" Son of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. Partnered with Agent 66.
?? Szathmary "The Reluctant Redhead"
?? Tolliver Ivan Bonar "Closely Watched Planes" A double agent.
Walters Martin J. Kelley "It Takes One to Know One" No. 2 Man of CONTROL.
?? Charlie Watkins Angelique Pettyjohn "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho" From CONTROL West. Male agent in disguise as female