Liver Let Die
Original Air Date February 19th, 1995
Writers Lawrence Gay & Michael J. DiGaetano
Director Nick Marck
Season 1995
Episode Number 7
Villain Dr. Mendelsohn
Previous Episode Wurst Enemies

Get Smart (1995) Episode #7 (final episode).


Kaos Corporation has been buying up hospitals including Our Holy Sister of Pain and Suffering Hospital in Washington where Agent 24 has gone silent while working undercover. Zach and 66's job: rescue Agent 24 and find out why Kaos is buying the hospitals ... actually, that's two jobs.






Weapons and GadgetsEdit



Although this was the last episode to be aired it appears to have been filmed earlier and held back in accordance with Don Adams's wish that the stronger episodes be shown first. The scene introducing Trudy suggests that it is her first appearance and that it therefore takes immediately after the pilot, thus leaving Wurst Enemies as a more satisfying finale.

Reality CheckEdit

The title refers to the James Bond novel and, especially, film Live and Let Die, joining Episode #42: "Bronzefinger", which refers to Goldfinger, and #69: "Dr. Yes", which refers to Dr. No, as the third James Bond movie title title. In addition, #57: "Pussycats Galore" refers to Pussy Galore, a character from Goldfinger.