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A Tale of Two Tails is the seventh episode of the Get Smart TV show Season Four. It originally aired on November 2, 1968.


The Chief asks 99 to pick up some important items on her day off, each of which comprises a part of a secret formula. Meanwhile, Max teaches a couple of new recruits. Max decides to have the trainees brush up on how to tail suspects, and they are asked to tail 99 while she's on her mission. Although asked to be inconspicous, they fail at this miserably, causing 99 to believe that KAOS is after her. She calls the Chief to ask for help, so he assigns Max's recruits to be on the lookout for the KAOS agents, in essence asking them to tail themselves!

99 finishes collecting the items, and is asked to drop them off with a CONTROL cypher expert. Unfortunately, a KAOS agent has already taken the expert's place. When the KAOS agent fails to recognize the items 99 has picked up, she immediately realizes that he isn't who he's supposed to be. Max arrives shortly afterward, and beats the KAOS Agent at an "iron fencing" match.

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