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Mary "Jack" Armstrong "Survival of the Fattest"

Super-strong KAOS agent who poses as a hotel chambermaid to kidnap Prince Sully of Ramat virtually from under Maxwell Smart's nose.

Armstrong, along with her henchwomen Rhonda and Carla, takes the prince to her private gymnasium in the same hotel where they force him to exercise in an attempt to slim him down prior to Ramat's upcoming weigh-in ceremony in which his followers pay him his weight in gold to keep the country solvent. If Sully weighs less than 300 lbs a rival faction unfriendly to the United States will take over.

Mary "Jack" also shares an undefined past relationship with the Chief of CONTROL (some say they were lovers) and is one of a select few permitted to call him by his real first name, "Thaddeus".

Portrayed by Karen Steele [Episode #15: "Survival of the Fattest"].