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Max Smart - The Spy Who Went Out to the Cold

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February 1968
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Get Smart Novel #7.


THE SPY WHO WENT OUT TO THE COLD takes Max off on a whirlwind, world-wide tour that has to go down as the wackiest travelogue in history.

Assigned to escort the great Professor Wormser von BOOM to a secret laboratory at the North Pole, Max and his beautiful sidekick, 99, take the scenic route. There's never been a polar expedition like this before as Control's beloved birdbrain races to elude his pitiless KAOS pursuers. To keep science wizard von BOOM from the cruel clutches of the enemy, Max puts his incredible "crow-disguised-as-a-wild-goose" plan into operation.

The results, which confuse no one except Max, would turn a travel agent's hair gray. Would you believe a camel caravan across the Sahara? A hitch by houseboat up the Nile? A jaunt by jet to Russia? A sortie by sub to Alaska? And a daring drive by dogsled into the Arctic wilderness?

But that's only part of the action in this zany, zigzag saga that rocks and rolls across every continent on - and off - the map. As THE SPY WHO WENT OUT TO THE COLD, Max is at his empty-headed best. It's a super cool caper that will keep you chuckling and shivering to the very end.

- from the back cover.







The novel posits a North Pole laboratory almost a full two years before the device is seen in the television episode "Ice Station Siegfried".

Reality Check[]

The title refers to the 1963 novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by British author John le Carré, filmed in 1965 starring Richard Burton.