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Max Smart Loses CONTROL

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November 1968
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Get Smart Novel #8.


This is really Max's most Smart-alecky caper, and that's saying a lot. Just imagine, if you can, Max trying to outthink Number One, the world's most intelligent computer, which has been kidnapped by KAOS and brainwashed to do its evil deeds. It's an incredible, unforgettable duel between the slowest brain in the West (Max's) and the marvelous mental mechanism of nimble-minded Number One. The results, as expected, are amazing, amusing and mostly confusing.

Beautiful Agent 99 and Hymie the Robot join Max in the danger-filled assignment to recapture Number One from his two kooky KAOS captors, Wayne Ways and Melvin Means. The action is fast and furiously funny as 86 fumble-fingers his way in and out of Max-imum trouble. In one explosive scene he actually causes a wristwatch storm! And only Max could enter a candy factory and leave it as a giant Fudgy-Nut Bar, completely wrapped and pack-aged. To top it off, there is Max's agonizing ordeal at Las Vegas when he goes on a gambling spree and can't stop.

It's all part of a hard-to-believe series of madcap misadventures that sets a new high in hair-raising hilarity. For when Max Smart Loses Control, what else can you expect but KAOS?

- from the back cover.







  • Despite being published in the same month as Max and 99's wedding in the television episode "With Love and Twitches", the novel makes no mention of their engagement or marriage, placing the story prior to the start of season four.
  • The title shares its pun with the episode "99 Loses CONTROL" from season three but the two stories have no other connection.