Less-heard form of name (compared to "Max") for Maxwell Smart.

Notably used by Max's Aunt Bertha [Episode #12: "My Nephew the Spy"] and by Admiral Hargrade [Episode #95: "With Love and Twitches"], but also once by 99 shortly after their first meeting [Episode #1: "Mr. Big"] and formally by the Chief when Max is being awarded a medal at the Pinerovian embassy [Episode #10: "Our Man in Leotards"].

Max also twice uses the name "Maxwell" as a cover name: when posing as chauffeur and butler to Agent 99's "Melissa Westbrook" [Episode #17: "Kisses for KAOS"] and as valet to the Bulmanian ambassador in Washington, D.C. [Episode #132: "How Green Was My Valet"]. Given that another of his cover names is "Stanley Maxwell", it is unclear whether "Maxwell" is being used as first or last name on these occasions.