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The Metropolitan Museum.

Cultural establishment in Washington where KAOS agents Dr. Ramsey and Lisa Smith use their positions as Curator of Egyptology and Assistant Curator respectively to smuggle KAOS agents into the US and transport kidnapped CONTROL agents out using mummy cases [Episode #49: "The Mummy".

Judging by the use of the same external view, it is also the museum where another KAOS agent Rembrandt Von Bronzefinger is an art curator who steals priceless paintings and replaces them with copies to raise funds to finance KAOS activities [Episode #42: "Bronzefinger"].

However, it should not be confused with the National Museum from which Leadside steals the $20 million Burlington art collection [Episode #109: "Leadside"].

Reality Check: The establishing shot used in both episodes is actually of the United States Supreme Court Building.