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Mr. Spiegle.

Owner of Spiegle's Jewelry Store, one of the jewelry stores targeted by the League of Bald-Headed Men, KAOS's smuggling unit.

League members Winters and Sommers try to force Mr. Spiegle to hand over the famed Morris Diamond but he sells it to Maxwell Smart, who happens into the store shopping for an engagement ring for 99, for the low sum of $80.00 rather than let it fall into their hands.

After Max leaves, the bald-headed agents tie Mr. Spiegle up and resume their efforts to get him to reveal the hiding place of the diamond. He refuses but becomes so rattled when Max continually returns, leaves and returns again to ask questions about his purchase that he begs the KAOS agents to shoot him before Max comes back again.

However, Spiegle's troubles are not over. After Winters' and Somers' identities are exposed, Max gives chase and discovers him in the back of the store. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that Spiegle is bound and gagged, Max tells him not to go away because he will be coming back to see more engagement rings.

Portrayed by Dick Wilson [Episode #91: "Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend"].