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Naomi Farkas.

KAOS agent who, along with her husband Emil, lives down the hall from Max and 99's apartment - listening in on the newlywed CONTROL agents for secret information.

When Naomi hears that they will be entertaing the Chief for dinner and that 99 is without a dessert, she devises a plan to take them her chocolate mousse - lightly poisoned to make them sick enough to get them out of the way long enough to photograph the contents of the Chief's briefcase.

Portrayed by Alice Ghostley [Episode #97: "The Farkas Fracas"].


  • Her Brother Arnold Borgia started to work for KAOS at the same time that Agent 86 started to work for CONTROL and is now District Manager!
  • Her husband is played by Tom Bosley, later of Happy Days.
  • Her cooking of chocolate mousse is so bad that her husband has two suggestions: that she serve it to the Chief and Maxwell Smart in order to make them sick -without the addition of poison; and that poison should actually improve the taste!