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Natz (left) with Dr. Ratton.

KAOS agent with a grudge against Maxwell Smart for sending him to prison.

Natz agrees to pay evil Dr. Ratton one million dollars to have Ratton's creation Hymie the robot kidnap scientist Dr. Alonzo Shotwire and capture Max.

Oddly, although Natz first says that he wants to "take care" of Max himself, he later seems content to watch as Ratton orders Hymie to shoot him. Instead Hymie shoots Ratton and then knocks out Natz

Portrayed by Ted de Corsia [Episode #19: "Back to the Old Drawing Board". Note: In Episode #68 "When Good Fellows Get Together" de Corsia plays KAOS agent Spinoza who commissions Dr. Ratton to build Groppo, an even more powerful robot designed to destroy Hymie, and then orders Groppo to kill Dr. Ratton].