Hymie is reprogrammed as an executive to become the No. 2 Man of CONTROL.

Implicitly, deputy to the Chief of CONTROL with complete say-so over when and how often the CONTROL master code is to be changed.

The position of No. 2 Man of CONTROL is initially a political appointment but after three men in succession - Washburn, Meadows, and Walters - are ruined by an improper association with the ruthless KAOS agent Octavia it is decided that the next will come from the ranks of CONTROL itself.

Political influence remains, however, and Hymie, having had a perfect score on the achievement test, is personally selected by the president.

At first skeptical, the Chief realizes that as a robot Hymie would be completely immune to Octavia's evil charms enabling them to trap her at last. A physical examination required for the job is finessed when Maxwell Smart, who accompanies Hymie, hides the glasses of the examining physician, one Dr. Louis Pasteur. Furthermore, the Chief has Hymie reprogrammed for an executive-type attitude and personality - "Hard, cold, efficient. Octavia won't have a chance."

What they don't know is that Octavia is also a robot and upon meeting the two become attached. Hymie is the only one she has met "that has anything inside."

Fearing that there is too much against them to stay together - "People would point at us and say, 'Disgusting. He's positive and she's negative.' They'd never leave us alone." - yet unable to return to KAOS after knowing him, Octavia chooses to self-destruct.

His heart (or his gearbox) broken, Hymie resigns as second-in-command of CONTROL.

His successor, if any, is unknown.

[Episode #46: "It Takes One to Know One".]

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