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An alluring KAOS agent whose modus operandi is to seduce the number two man of CONTROL into telling her all he knows, and then ditching him after revealing her status as an agent.

She is successful three times, and then she meets the new number two man of CONTROL, Hymie the robot. She and Hymie leave the office together, not long before Max and the Chief come rushing in to warn him. Max finds her compact, which she had left behind. What he finds inside reveals Octavia's true identity: a miniature robot tool kit. The same type as Hymie carries in his wallet.

It turns out that Hymie and Octavia have real feelings for each other and Hymie even offers to elope with her. But Octavia insists that there is too much against them: their grounds are different; he's positive and she's negative. People would never leave them alone. She apologizes to Hymie right before self-destructing.

At the end of the episode Hymie has rebuilt Octavia so that she looks just as beautiful as before, however her voice box appears to have problems. The closest to her own voice that is possible is Max's. Needless to say this is not exactly what Hymie wanted. It is unknown what happens to Octavia as she never reappears.

Portrayed by Gayle Hunnicutt [Episode #46: "It Takes One to Know One"].