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"We cannot depend on Smart's natural stupidity. We must help it along, add to it."
- Miss Magruder .

Get Smart Episode #81, Season Three #21.


Unlike the CIA (which is in the news all the time) or the FBI (which has its own TV show), CONTROL is an "unknown" Spy organization, so the Chief arranges for a writer from Weeknews magazine to write an article about CONTROL. Unknown to CONTROL, KAOS realizes that bad publicity could put CONTROL out of in "Operation Ridiculous" will KAOS succeed in making Agent 86 look even more stupid, inept and clueless than usual?






Weapons and Gadgets[]


  • KAOS Sabotage: Pouring water down the drainpipe periscope into face of writer; sabotaging Max's car so none of the gadgets go right: windshield washer squirts into face of writer, cannon switches rewired making cannon appear and fire at wrong times, flooding the car with smoke screen, ejecting writer from car.
  • Agent 99 is called away from a modeling session in this episode. Barbara Feldon had been a model before becoming an actress.

Reality Check[]