Title of a manuscript Agent 99 is writing for a book about her experiences as a CONTROL agent.

An early chapter is called "My Love Affair With Agent 12". However, 99 explains that 12 was her mentor and that her love for him was as that for her grandfather.

She also tells the story of Agent 95 who after being kidnapped and tortured by KAOS, was rescued ranting and raving such that no one could understand a word he said; he then went into politics.

Chapter 14 is devoted to her husband, Maxwell Smart, and pages 127 to 145 list all his idiosyncrasies.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to 99, her publisher, Nicholas Dimente, is also the new leader of KAOS, and is able to use this information to frustrate Max's investigation of his wicked scheme to control the world's weather.

Max himself has not read the manuscript due to a possible conflict, since he has plans to write his own memoirs.

[TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!".]

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