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Max prepares to question a parrot captured from KAOS.

Due to their ability to repeat what they have heard parrots have been used as a means of communication by both CONTROL and KAOS.

  • A parrot designated B-17 is sent to infiltrate the Washington Animal Spa as a backup to a TV transmitter hidden in Fang's dog collar. Unfortunately, the tactic backfires when the avian agent reveals Maxwell Smart's undercover identity to its KAOS captors. [Episode #23: "I'm Only Human".]
  • At one point, with other methods cut off, KAOS resorts to using parrots to smuggle stolen information out of the country. Agent Kosovich attempts to kill one such bird to prevent it falling into CONTROL hands but Max is able to capture it and take it to CONTROL headquarters for questioning. [Episode #43: "Perils in a Pet Shop".]