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Get Smart Episode #113, Season Five #1.


Max and 99 must rescue Professor Phineas Pheasant who is being held captive at KAOS headquarters in a cell made of "nuclear glass". Worse, Max needs a new face to be part of the secret rescue plan after letting his photograph be published.






Weapons and Gadgets[]



The episode title is now seen onscreen.

  • Several significant changes mark Get Smart's defection to CBS: Max now drives an Opel, the opening credits now begin with opening shots of several Washington monuments, Irving Szathmary's theme music is now rescored with a more contemporary feel, and all identifiying lettering is now a sans serif font, which no longer follow Max behind the closing doors in CONTROL but instead zoom at the screen. And would you believe that this is the only season of Get Smart where episode titles are revealed preceding the writing and directing credits during the sub-main titles?
  • 99 announces her pregnancy in this episode. Upon hearing the news, Max literally runs into a wall.
  • Max states that he will have his "son" follow in his footsteps. This wish comes true some twenty-five years later in the Get Smart (1995) series.
  • In a rare callback to a previous episode, Max states that the only thing he can play on the piano is "Chopsticks". He was seen doing just that in Episode #26: "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony".

Reality Check[]

  • The title refers to the culinary dish of the game bird pheasant served under a glass dome.