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City in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania which is frequently the butt of disparaging remarks.

  • A patron of Mother's Family Pool Parlor is called Pittsburgh, presumably because he is from there [Episode #18: "The Dead Spy Scrawls"].
  • Upon being told that Kinsey Krispin's estranged wife Amanda had left him because she was unhappy and had gone to Pittsburgh, Max replies, "She couldn't have been that unhappy." [Episode #86: "The Reluctant Redhead".]
  • When relating the history of gangster Sam Vittorio, the Chief mentions that he was deported in 1937 as an undesirable alien - not to Italy but to Pittsburgh - adding, "They really threw the book at him." [Episode #90: "The Secret of Sam Vittorio".]
  • To throw 99 off the track of their real honeymoon destination, the Caribbean, Max has her thinking that he had made reservations at the Anthracite Hotel in Pittsburgh [Episode #98: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL"].
  • When KAOS agents Preminger and Stroheim are playing a board game, Preminger claims Moscow, East Berlin and Pittsburgh as a "monopoly" and wants to build a missile base on each [Episode #105: "Absorb the Greek"].
  • CONTROL agents Holloway, Marco and Curtis are unavailable for assignment because they are musicians on a tour which includes Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh [Episode #113: "Pheasant Under Glass"].
  • When CONTROL agent Webster tells Max he intends to have himself shipped to Pittsburgh in a trunk to avoid a death threat, Max replies, "Murder is one thing but suicide is another." [Episode #122: "The Apes of Rath".]
  • When Max and Gino Columbus, who now owns the United States, are taken prisoner by Victor Borgia, Columbus attempts to bribe Borgia with the offer of Pittsburgh. Borgia replies that he doesn't want Pittsburgh, to which Max responds, "That's funny. Neither does Pennsylvania." [Episode #136: "Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America".]
  • The Chief works for 30 years on a book called "Who's Who at CONTROL", which contains the names and addresses of every CONTROL agent throughout the free world with the exception of Pittsburgh [Episode #137: Do I Hear a Vaults?"].
  • Max has a price on his head in Norway - "or was that Pittsburgh? I gotta get that right before I go on vacation" [GS95 Episode #1: "Pilot"].

Reality Check: As it happens, Barbara Feldon was born in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, but this is unlikely to be the reason for the remarks. Rather, it is likely due to the city's then reputation for heavy pollution caused by its high levels of steel production. See Pittsburgh at Wikipedia.