Max gets a ticket ("Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain").

The relationship between CONTROL and the police is inevitably somewhat ambivalent.

On the one hand they are fellow crimefighters but on the other, secret agents must sometimes break the letter of the law in order to uphold the greater good - often without revealing their identity.

This dichotomy leads to some tense confrontations.

  • While conducting surveillance in Lovers' Lane sitting in his chauffeur's uniform next to a rubber dummy Maxwell Smart is arrested for violating Section 387-B of the Penal Code (sitting in a chauffeur's uniform next to a rubber dummy). (Policeman portrayed by Ray Kellogg, Episode #17: "Kisses for KAOS".)
  • Max receives a ticket for failing to put a dime in a parking meter, the fact that he was in a hurry because KAOS agents were trying to kill him being "no excuse for carelessness". (Policeman portrayed by Jack Denton, Episode #24: "Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain".)
  • Agent 13 is discovered hiding in a mail box and arrested and taken to night court. (Policeman uncredited, Episode #34: "The Only Way to Die".)
  • After failing to notice Max mugging a passerby in a deliberate attempt to be thrown in jail, a cop finally arrests him for littering. (Cop uncredited, Episode #44: "The Whole Tooth and....)
  • When he receives a ticket for jay-walking Max protests that people were shooting at him. The cop replies, "That's Homicide. I'm Traffic". He then makes Max go back and cross the street again, apparently oblivious to the continued gunfire. (Cop portrayed by James Nolan, Episode #62: "Witness for the Persecution".)
  • In his most serious run-in with the law, Max is framed for murder by KAOS and sentenced to be executed. He escapes but is relentlessly pursued by Detective Gronski until he can prove his innocence. (Gronski portrayed by Bruce Gordon, Episode #78: "Don't Look Back".)
  • After being stopped for speeding, Max tells a motorcycle cop that he is taking a pregnant 99 to the maternity hospital. The cop generously provides an escort - only to be told on arrival that it was only a dry run (and the wrong hospital). (Motorcycle Cop portrayed by Sid Grossfield, Episode #119: "And Baby Makes Four".)
  • In pursuit of an escapee while driving a motorized desk, Max is again stopped for speeding ("That's pretty fast for a desk", the cop comments.) After presenting his credentials, he is allowed to continued the chase. (Movie: "The Nude Bomb".)