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Professor Carlson.

Head of CONTROL's lab section, succeeding Professor Parker in that position.

When the Chief is kidnapped by Siegfried, Carlson believes that this position entitles him to take over but Standish and Maxwell Smart, heads of the administration and agents' sections respectively, think otherwise [Episode #33: "A Spy for a Spy"].

Carlson is more irritable than his predecessor and therefore less forgiving of Maxwell Smart's failings, sometimes wondering if he "is on our side" [Episode #43: "Perils in a Petshop"].

His devices include salted buttons [Episode #56: "Appointment in Sahara"], a hammer-gun, a telephone-in-a-magazine (albeit with a dated cover picture of Ronald Reagan dancing with Betty Grable) [both Episode #52: "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho"] and one that does "absolutely nothing, but in the event you are captured by the enemy, they'll be so intrigued by the way it works you'll have time to escape" [Episode #41: "Island of the Darned']. When Max and 99 pose as reporters he supplies them with a camera disguised as a tape recoder and a tape recorder disguised as a camera. When Max asks why not simply take pictures with the camera and record with the recorder, he explains: "Because my mind doesn't work that way, that's why" [Episode #40: "The Greatest Spy on Earth"].

Although only seen in the second season, Carlson's name is later mentioned during the case involving Siegfried and Ozark Annie [Episode #67: "One of Our Olives is Missing"], suggesting that his tenure may have extended beyond this. Carlson is also the last to be given the title 'professor'; in season 4, the functions of lab head appear to be taken over by Dr. Simon.

Portrayed by Stacy Keach in ten episodes:

#33: "A Spy for a Spy"
#36: "Casablanca"
#37: "The Decoy"
#39: "Rub-A-Dub-Dub... Three Spies in a Sub"
#40: "The Greatest Spy on Earth"
#41: "Island of the Darned"
#43: "Perils in a Pet Shop"
#50: "The Girls from KAOS"
#52: "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho"
#56: "Appointment in Sahara"