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Raoul Duval.

Owner of Duval's Cave of Wax, a London wax museum specializing in the macabre and grotesque.

As well being an acknowledged genius with wax recreations, Raoul Duval is a brilliant scientist who has created a serum which brings his wax figures to life. In conjunction with KAOS agent Auerbach, he sends his figure of Jack the Ripper to terrorize London's streets and that of the Werewolf to kill Maxwell Smart and 99 who have been brought in to investigate.

Max infiltrates the museum disguised as the figure of Adolf Hitler while 99 delays Duval dining at a French restaurant. However, on his return, Duval discovers him and sends figures of comedians Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and W.C. Fields after him when he tries to escape. When these three prove ineffectual, Duval captures Max himself and prepares to have him dropped into a vat of boiling wax, ordering an animated ax-wielding "executioner" to sever the rope from which Max is suspended while Duval makes his getaway.

Fortunately, Max is able to swing himself on the rope so that he misses the vat; the "executioner" is knocked into the vat when 99 arrives and opens a door behind him; and Duval and Auerbach are arrested.

Portrayed by Marcel Hillaire [Episodes #127: "House of Max" and #128: "House of Max, conclusion"].