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Known by the acronym PITS, a secret agency which has evidently taken over the KAOS-fighting function of CONTROL following the latter's deactivation in 1974 ["15 years ago", TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!"] as well as inheriting some of its agents including Maxwell Smart, Agent 13 and Larabee.

Like CONTROL, it is headquartered in Washington DC and run by an individual known as The Chief.

Agents are trained at the Spy Academy.

It is unknown whether PITS was a pre-existing organization or was perhaps formed by an amalgamation of CONTROL with other terminated agencies. In either event it is clearly a much larger operation boasting 217,000 agents contrasting with CONTROL's Washington-based complement of just twenty-five [Episode #111: "The Not-So-Great Escape, Part 1"].

The only recorded case conducted under PITS auspices takes place in 1980 when Max and new partner Agent 22 are assigned to thwart a KAOS threat to destroy all fabric thereby rendering the world nude.

With the ensuant routing of KAOS, it is presumed that PITS was itself deactivated shortly after.

[PITS appears only in the movie "The Nude Bomb". There is disagreement about the context of these events with some arguing that the film takes place in a separate continuity.]