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Van Cleff revealed as Bronzefinger.

KAOS agent and master art forger.

Using his alternate identity of museum curator Mr. Van Cleff, Bronzefinger steals priceless paintings and replaces them with copies to raise funds to finance KAOS activities.

Bronzefinger can be recognised by the bronze coating on his thumb, causing Maxwell Smart to initially address him as "Bronzethumb" - much to his annoyance: "Bronzefinger! A thumb is also a finger!!"

Continuing with the theme, when Bronzefinger captures Max and 99 he attempts to kill them by placing them in a crucible to be filled with molten bronze, intending to turn them into statues, prompting Max to ask, "I don't suppose you'd settle for just our baby shoes?" However, Max and 99 escape and it is Bronzefinger who ends up as a bronze statue!

Portrayed by Joseph A. Sirola [Episode #42: "Bronzefinger"].