"Winning a track meet is more important to the United States than winning a war. Besides, it's a lot cheaper. We don't have to finance the losers."

- Maxwell Smart

Get Smart Episode #83, Season Three #23.

Plot[edit | edit source]

CONTROL must protect Free World athletes competing in an international track meet against agents of CAD - KAOS's Contrived Accident Division - who are trying to rig the outcome in favor of the Iron Curtain team.

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Reality Check[edit | edit source]

  • The title reportedly refers to the short-lived TV series Run, Buddy, Run created by Get Smart Executive Producer Leonard Stern. It also bears a marked resemblance to the song "Run Rabbit Run" which was popular in Britain during World War II.
  • The characters "Donald Snead" and "Emily Neal" parody "John Steed" and "Emma Peel" from the TV series "The Avengers".
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