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Sam Vittorio in 1968.

Notorious 1930s bank-robber known as "Sneaky" Sam Vittorio because of his odd penchant for wearing tennis sneakers while pulling jobs.

Although he robbed 192 banks, when he was arrested all he had on him was $1.36 and authorities were never able to make a conviction stick against him. In 1937 he was deported to Pittsburgh as an undesirable alien.

Three decades later, Vittorio, after learning that he is dying, makes arrangements for a jail breakout for his old partners Connie Barker and Floyd Darrow. It is believed that he intends to tell them the secret of where he hid his money - but CONTROL agents Maxwell Smart and 99 (to whom they bear a remarkable resemblance) take their places so that KAOS cannot learn the secret first.

However, the real Connie and Floyd escape and show up just after Vittorio discovers that Max and 99 are impostors and, amid a confusion of identities, all three gangsters are killed in a shoot-out.

With his final breaths, Sam reveals that there is no money because most of the banks he robbed went bust in the Depression. His secret? "Crime doesn't pay!"

Portrayed by J. Carrol Naish [Episode #90: "The Secret of Sam Vittorio"].