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"My advice to you, Chief, is try to stay cool." - Harvey Satan, upon kidnapping the Chief and locking him in a freezer

Get Smart Episode #9, Season One.


KAOS kidnaps the Chief and demands a ransom but their real aim is far more sinister..


The Chief is leaving for vacation when he is kidnapped by agents of KAOS. When CONTROL finds the car in which he was kidnapped, they locate a ransom note for the Chief's return. As it turns out, notorious KAOS member Harvey Satan plans a surgery upon the chief that will brainwash him into working for KAOS. Max delivers a ransom and is able to sneak into Harvey's lair, Satan Place Sanitorium, with the help of Agent 99. While trying to break into Satan Place, Max and Agent 99 accidently bump into the doctor who was going to perform the operation.

Max arrests the doctor and disguises himself as the surgeon and Agent 99 as his nurse. As Harvey Satan has never met the doctor before (or even heard his voice) he believes Max's disguise. While distracting Harvey, Maxwell and Agent 99 try to phone CONTROL headquarters and thaw out the Chief who has been frozen in preparation for the operation. They are discovered by Mr. Satan and his henchmen, but Max successfully defeats Harvey by freezing him in ice water he found in the surgery room. The Chief is safe, but Max and 99 sold all of his office furniture away to pay for the ransom. They earned a mere six hundred dollars.





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Reality Check[]

The title "Satan Place" is a reference to the novel, film and TV series Peyton Place.