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Sid Krimm.

All I ever wanted was a home in a suburb and a couple of wives and a kid and a dog." - Sid Krimm.

Army buddy of Maxwell Smart who was a sergeant during the Korean War when Max was a corporal.

15 years later, Sid, now a bridal gown salesman, shows up in Washington for a reunion. Mistaking a "little black book" left in Max's apartment by a defecting KAOS agent for Max's address book, Sid stumbles into the middle of a case Max is working on when he calls a number in the book for a date, inadvertently alerting the Maestro.

Refusing to believe that Max is now an intelligence agent, he compounds his error by handing over the book to end a fight he thinks Max has started for nothing.

Only when he talks directly to the president is he convinced of the situation ("I've never met him; but I use his baby powder") and insists on accompanying Max on the mission to retrieve the book.

Portrayed by Don Rickles [Episodes #76 & 77: "The Little Black Book, Parts 1 & 2"].