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"It's a typical early-American home: couch, chair, sofa, tables, TV set, and a hidden atomic bomb."
- Maxwell Smart describing the interior of the KAOS cabin.

Get Smart Episode #24, Season One.


KAOS agents are smuggling an atomic bomb into the United States.


Maxwell Smart receives an urgent message from the Chief to meet him at the Washington Airport. Disguised as a customs officer, the Chief tells Max that several hundred KAOS agents have been sneaking into the country, and that one of them is in the airport right now. While Agent 99 distracts the KAOS man, the Chief and Agent 86 search the man's suitcase. They find a strange metal part, but the KAOS agent takes his bags before they are able to study the piece. Max unfortunately gets his tie stuck in the briefcase, causing the agent to draw his gun. The Chief is able to apprehend the agent, and take him back to CONTROL headquarters. Professor Parker isn't able to identify what the device is, but can say that it belongs to something larger. After some clever questioning, Smart gets their prisoner, Nealis, to reveal that KAOS is meeting on Blue Mist Mountain.

While Agent 99 and the Chief stay in a rented cabin on Blue Mist Mountain, Maxwell Smart disguises himself as a KAOS agent and delivers the the piece to the KAOS agents stationed in an adjacent cabin. Unknowingly, Max delivers the final piece needed for the KAOS project, an atomic bomb, set to go off in less that 10 minutes. Because of Blue Mist Mountain's proximity to the P.D.Q. Missile Base, it might be perceived that US have broken the nuclear test ban treaty. Max, 99 and the Chief fight against the KAOS agents in the cabin. After getting some valuable information from Professor Parker via shoephone, Maxwell Smart successfully, though accidentally, disarms the atom bomb with his tie.








  • There are 338 Kaos agents involved in this.
  • 306 - Maxwell Smart's shoe phone number.