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Max duels with Rupert under the Caronian embassy in Washington.

One of Maxwell Smart's more surprising skills is his prowess with the sword, being in fact CONTROL's fencing expert [Episode #93: "A Tale of Two Tails"].

From six duels or duel-like confrontations, Max can boast an impressive 4-1-1 scorecard.

Opponent Result Notes
Bronzefinger Loss Using Professor Carlson's Tube Swords, which Bronzefinger claims were invented by KAOS first. Bronzefinger subdues Max by dropping a sculpture on him [Episode #42: "Bronzefinger"].
Otto Hurrah Win Using a pair of swords found on a movie set at Panamint Studios. Asserting that he has never killed an unarmed man, Max sportingly tosses Hurrah's fallen sword back to him - accidentally piercing his torso [Episode #60: "A Man Called Smart, Part 3"].
Prince Basil of Caronia Win Max reflexively skewers Basil when the latter makes an insulting remark about Max's legs [Episode #74: "The King Lives?"].
Yakuro Yamasaki Win Takes place in Lum Fong's Chinese Laundry with flat irons substituting for swords (Max is also CONTROL's ironing expert). In a climax similar to that with Hurrah, Max kicks Yamasaki's hot iron back to him. Yamasaki catches it with bare hands, forcing him to a nearby basin of water to cool them off [Episode #93: "A Tale of Two Tails"].
Rupert of Rathskeller Draw After a lengthy battle below the Caronian embassy in which the two appear evenly matched, Rupert flees when he hears the Chief and Colonel von Klaus approaching, Rupert vowing to continue the war [Episode #107: "To Sire, With Love, Part 2"].
Leadside Win Takes place in Max's apartment. With his assistant Kelley propelling his wheelchair, Leadside thrusts out his sword and hurtles toward Max, only to see him sidestep him at the last minute and open the front door through which Leadside passes. Max closes the door behind him and thus does not see but can only hear the tremendous crash which puts Leadside in hospital [Episode #109: "Leadside"].
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