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The Chief reluctantly reveals his first name in court.

The real first name of the Chief of CONTROL which he is forced to reveal with great embarassment during a court hearing. [Episode #8: "The Day Smart Turned Chicken".]

The only people allowed to address him by that name are the President [Episode #84: "The Hot Line"], his former boss, CONTROL's first chief, Admiral Hargrade [Episode #59: "A Man Called Smart, Part 2" and others] and, mysteriously, KAOS agent Mary "Jack" Armstrong with whom he has an unexplained past. [Episode #15: "Survival of the Fattest".]

He is much more comfortable using the cover name Harold Clark.


There was a character called the Chief in the series Treasury Men in Action, portrayed by Walter Greaza. Thaddeus is probably a spoof of Greaza's character, transposed exactly from the earlier series.