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The Chameleon disguised as Larabee... Admiral Hargrade...

...and as 99.

KAOS master of disguise and nemesis of Admiral Hargrade.

The Chameleon is regarded as KAOS's most insidious agent and is one of CONTROL's most feared adversaries, able to make himself look and sound like anybody in the world. The Chief is especially incensed because he once crashed the CONTROL Christmas party and made a total fool of himself - disguised as the Chief! He is reputedly so proficient that he can even imitate Frank Gorshin.

When Admiral Hargrade visits Washington to take part in some top-level security conferences (as well as to pitch in the old-timer's baseball game against the CIA), the Chameleon vows to "get" him, the threat outraging Maxwell Smart - because it was sent by collect telegram.

First gaining access to the Admiral by posing as Larabee, the Chameleon then drugs the Admiral's prunes, leaving him to wander the streets as a wino, and takes his place at the conference. His plan is thwarted when the real Admiral is rescued but the Chameleon is able to make his escape by quickly disguising himself as 99.

[Uniquely, the Chameleon is not portrayed by any one actor. Instead, the role is shared between Robert Karvelas, William Schallert and Barbara Feldon, switching between them depending on which of their characters is being imitated at the time. The Chameleon's "natural" voice is supplied by William Schallert. Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner".]