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The Claw
The Claw.png
The Claw as seen in The Diplomat's Daughter.
First Get Smart Appearance The Diplomat's Daughter
Additional Episodes The Amazing Harry Hoo
Affiliation KAOS (Asian Arm)
Gender Male
Family None Known
Defeated by Arrested twice by CONTROL
Famous Quote "Not the Craw, the CRAW!"

Mysterious head of the Oriental Arm of KAOS.

He has several henchmen employed under him, but his most trusted assistant is Bobo, who performs torture for him.

The Claw is first encountered when he kidnaps Princess Ingrid of Scandinavia during her visit to Washington [Episode #2: "Diplomat's Daughter"]. He is later seen running a chinese laundry shop as a front for his information smuggling agency [Episode #25: "The Amazing Harry Hoo:].

Physical Description[]

The Claw is a fairly short Chinese man, who dresses in Chinese robes. He is partially bald on the very top of his head. He has a larget mechanical claw replacing his left hand. It is magnetic, allowing him to pull phones, guns, and other metal objects toward him.


Stereotypically, he can't pronounce the letter L , which makes Maxwell Smart think his name is the "Craw" and not the "The Claw". Every time Max makes this mistake, The Claw corrects him saying, "Not the Craw, the Craw!"

List of episodes featuring The Craw/The Claw[]

The Claw is portrayed by Leonard Strong in both episodes.

The Claw outside "Get Smart" series[]

  • In the animated series "Inspector Gadget" which fetaured the voice of Don Adams and was strongly influenced by "Get Smart", the main hero fought the organization M. A. D. governed by Dr. Claw.
  • In Get Smart (2008) in the beginning you can see a note mentioning The Craw/The Claw.