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"You know, 99, if we could get out of this trap, I'd marry you."
- Maxwell Smart

Get Smart Episode #87, Season Four #1.


Maxwell Smart is assigned to prevent KAOS's top agent, The Leader, from getting Dr. Albert Hellman's Theory of Hellmanivity out of the country or the human race will be faced with extinction through Hellmanitis.






Weapons and Gadgets[]



  • Max and 99 finally become engaged in this episode. However, it has been pointed out that he never actually proposes.

Reality Check[]

  • This episode is a parody of the TV series Mission: Impossible including such tropes of that show as Max receiving his orders via tape recording and selecting the agents from a stack of photographs; among the rejects are entertainer Tiny Tim and Alfred E. Neuman of MADD Magazine!
  • On the tape recording, the Chief follows the usual Mission: Impossible warning that "Should you decide to accept this assignment, this department will disavow any knowledge of your actions" with "Should you decide not to accept it...YOU'RE FIRED!"
  • Likewise, the self-destruct of the tape backfires, destroying all the lockers...except the one the recorder is in!