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"There's no such thing as a nude bomb. There never has been a nude bomb and there never will be a nude bomb." - Maxwell Smart addressing the United Nations Security Council. Immediately after he utters the above, one of the Nude Bombs detonates inside the room, rendering Smart and the assembled diplomats naked.

The Nude Bomb (also known as The Return of Maxwell Smart and Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb) is a 1980 feature film based on the Get Smart TV Series but with Max working for PITS (Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service) instead of the presumably now-defunct CONTROL. This and other differences, including the lack of any mention of Agent 99, lead some to argue that it takes place in a separate continuity. The film was a box-office failure dashing hopes of a continuing film franchise or revived television series, though a reunion TV movie more closely aligned with the TV series aired some years later and a new TV series eventually followed in 1995.


KAOS announces its discovery of The Nude Bomb, a bomb that can destroy all clothing. They demand ten billion dollars a month from the United Nations or they will detonate the bomb, making everyone nude. Max, now working for PITS, the Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service, teams up with several new agents to foil the plot - weapons specialist Carruthers, teen geniuses Pam and Jerry Krovney, and Agents 22, 34, and 36. Larabee and 13 also help Max, especially Larabee with his plan for people to wear food instead of cloth, thereby defeating the purpose of the Nude Bomb.





United Nations[]





  • Beyond the alternate titles The Nude Bomb exists in at least two distinct versions - the original cinema release and a "toned-down" television edit. The TV version benefits from the extension of several scenes with additional character-based dialogue but is marred by clumsy overdubbing of expletives and sexual innuendo. Perhaps the most absurd example occurs when the classic "Missed It By That Much" catchphrase (spoken after Max accidently shoots a gun down his trouser leg) is replaced by the ungrammatical, and arguably even more suggestive, "missed the bone that much"
  • Adams and Karvelas were the only 2 original Get Smart series regulars to appear in the movie.
  • Retitled The Return of Maxwell Smart when it made its TV network premiere on NBC (fittingly Get Smart's old network) on the May 23, 1982 edition of NBC Sunday Night At The Movies.

Reality Check[]

  • The structure of the film - from its opening action scene to the climactic destruction of the villain's lair - emulates that of a James Bond movie. The Bondesque song, "You're Always There When I Need You", sung by Merry Clayton over the titles, was composed by Lalo Schifrin (who also wrote the film's score) with lyrics by Don Black, the actual lyricist of a number of James Bond songs.