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The Shark
First Get Smart Appearance The Dead Spy Scrawls
Affiliation KAOS, Mother's Family Pool Parlor
Gender Male
Family None known
Defeated by Maxwell Smart and 99
Famous Quote "Never interrupt me in the middle of a game."

"Let that be a lesson to you. Never hustle the Shark"
— The Shark to his opponents, The Dead Spy Scrawls.

The Shark is a KAOS agent who poses as a pool champion and owner of Mother's Family Pool Parlor in Washington D.C. He appears to be quite good at the game and is rarely defeated. The Shark and his assistant, Stryker, intercept and decode several CONTROL messages using an electronic brain that the Shark has hidden inside of a pool table. Maxwell Smart challenges him to a game after an informant linked the Shark to the KAOS decoding machine. He is defeated by Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 when they knock the Shark unconscious with a remote-controlled cue ball.

Portrayed by Jack Lambert [Episode #18: "The Dead Spy Scrawls"].