"Missed me by that much."
- Maxwell Smart

The Worst Best Man
Eps worstbest
The bomb has been discovered.
Original Air Date October 26th, 1968
Writers Chris Hayward
Allan Burns
Arne Sultan
Leonard Stern
Director Gary Nelson
Season Four
Episode Number 92
Villain Oleg
Previous Episode Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend
Next Episode A Tale of Two Tails

Get Smart Episode #92, Season Four #6.


Maxwell Smart is searching for an agent to serve as Best Man at his and 99's wedding, but every agent he asks is targeted by KAOS.


Max is searching for an agent to serve as Best Man at his and 99's wedding, but every agent he asks is targeted by KAOS. At first, it is thought that KAOS has a double-agent within CONTROL, and are seeking to ensure that Max asks the double-agent to serve as Best Man. However, Max runs through his entire list of possible candidates, and all are eliminated as soon as they accept. The Chief therefore insists that Max ask the indestructible robot Hymie to serve as Best Man instead.

Unfortunately, it is in fact Hymie that KAOS wants to have as Max's Best Man. KAOS agents kidnap Hymie and fit a bomb inside him, intending to kill Max and all the other agents at his bachelor party. The bomb is discovered and removed just in the nick of time.





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  • The dialogue in this episode is somewhat confusing (Schlermer is the first potential Best Man seen onscreen but is never mentioned again while the much-mentioned Simpson is never actually seen; Snyder is never mentioned at all but the name appears in the list on the blackboard; Karvelas refers to being third choice but that is clearly not the case) so, for the record, here is the full list of Max's Best Men, in order: Asked before the start of the episode - Simpson (1), Aldrich (2) & Snyder (3); asked during the teaser - Schlermer (4), Novak (5) & Karvelas (6); then we see Holloway (7, asked by phone), Prewitt (8, asked by letter) & Finch (9, asked via tape recorder) and, finally, Hymie (10).
  • Although Hymie remains Best Man at the end, it is established in Episode #94 "The Return of the Ancient Mariner" that Hymie was sent out of the country, and that Admiral Hargrade (11) would assume the role.
  • Final appearance of Dick Gautier as Hymie on the original series.