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Trudy talking on the intercom
First Get Smart Appearance GS95 Episode #2: "Casino Evil"
Affiliation CONTROL
Gender Female
Family None known

Secretary to Maxwell Smart, Chief of CONTROL.

Hired by the temp agency, Trudy was told she would be working for an "agent" and assumed it was a talent agent leading to numerous misunderstandings. However, Max is unable to send her back because "during lunch she read all our secret files and now I have to keep her or kill her" [GS Episode #7: "Liver Let Die"]. On occasion, he finds her quirks so irritating the he finds the latter a serious alternative: "I've got a license to kill; maybe I could make it look like she started it" [GS95 Episode #6: "Wurst Enemies"].

Portrayed by Heather Morgan in 5 episodes:

Note: Although Casino Evil was her first aired appearance, her opening scene in Liver Let Die seems to occur earlier, explaining her origin and introducing her to the other main characters,