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"We are former KAOS. We don't reminisce here!" - Siegfried.

Get Smart (1995) Episode #6.


Zach is unaware that his new girlfriend is really the daughter of his father's old arch-nemesis Siegfried who plans to get revenge on the Smarts and start a new Cold War.


The last confrontation between Agent 86 Maxwell Smart and Siegfried takes place in a lighthouse. Just As Siegfried leaves the room, Maxwell Smart accidentally actives the missile. The teaser shows the missile going off. It is unknown if Smart and Siegfried survived the explosion or not.


  • Although the next episode Liver Let Die was the last episode to be aired it appears to have been filmed earlier and held back in accordance with Don Adams's wish that the stronger episodes be shown first. The scene introducing Trudy suggests that it is her first appearance and that it therefore takes immediately after the pilot, thus leaving Wurst Enemies as a more satisfying finale.
  • This episode was shown Feb 12, 1995 -just 10 months and 7 days short of the 30th anniversary of the showing of the pilot episode Mr. Big
  • In the 2008 movie Get Smart Bernie Kopell made a cameo as a unnamed motorist involved in a car crash caused by Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell).




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