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"I eat danger for breakfast." - Zach Smart.

Zachary Smart
First Get Smart Appearance Episode #120: "And Baby Makes Four, conclusion" (as baby); Get Smart (1995 series pilot) (as adult)
Affiliation CONTROL
Gender Male
Family Maxwell Smart (father), Agent 99 (mother), grandmother, sister

CONTROL agent who is the son of former agents Maxwell Smart and 99.

Zachary Smart was born in Washington DC in 1969 [Episode #120: "And Baby Makes Four, conclusion"] but his name was not revealed until 25 years later [in the Get Smart (1995) series].

Growing up, Zach and his twin sister were unaware that their parents were spies; the fact that they lived in the only house on the block with missiles pointing at Russia apparently not being a big enough clue [GS95 Episode #6: "Wurst Enemies"].

By 1989 Zach and his sister were attending college [Mentioned, TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!"] after which he took a job in the research department of CONTROL, where his father was now the chief.

Zach broke two legs and a pelvis in spy training but got a B-plus in sneaking up on people (Max had to make a few calls).

When his mother, now a congresswoman with the committee overseeing the agency's budget, is able to secure additional funding, his father promotes Zach to field agent status, assigning the more experienced Agent 66 as his partner [GS95 Episode #1: "Pilot"].

Following in Max and 99's footsteps, Zach and 66 slowly develop a romantic relationship. However this is threatened when Zach begins dating a woman named Jessica who turns out to be none other than Gretchen Siegfried, the daughter of Max's old nemesis Siegfried himself, and seems destined to be a recurring part of their lives.

Zach had told Jessica he works for his dad's greeting card company as Executive Vice-President, Western Hemisphere [GS95 Episode #6: "Wurst Enemies"].

Portrayed by uncredited babies in Episode #120: And Baby Makes Four, conclusion and #132: "How Green Was My Valet"; and by Andy Dick in all seven episodes of the Get Smart (1995) series.